Global Atomic Design Yaletown

Its a magical moments when you stumble upon something great, especially when its been under your nose the whole time!

Simon and I were wondering around Yaletown, popping in and out of stores and wondering where we should grab a coffee from when we stumbled upon

Global Atomic Designs

. To be honest I would of walked straight past the place, but simon spotted the G-Star sign AND coffee, so we popped in. We ended up staying long enough to enjoy a latte and try on half the store! There are so many gems in this place plus the coffee is fantastic, even Simon agreed, and he is the coffee snob. The other thing that makes this place memorable is the staff. Lets be honest here, for the most part Vancouver has awful customer service when it comes to retail stores. Seriously guys I’m sick of hearing “I love your (insert item here)” as the opening welcome, have some imagination. Martina and Jarred (sorry if I just got your name wrong, I’m really awful with names!) were chatty and oh so lovely. You should pop in and have a coffee with these guys if your in the area. Don’t be fooled by the confusing shop front and messy store layout, this place is awesome.

Global Atomic Design Yaletown

Global Atomic Design Yaletown

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