lotus seed candy

I do my weekly shop at t&t supermarket, for no reason other than it is close enough to not have to get in the car and it is soooo much cheaper than Nesters which is my other close option. For those of you that are not familiar with this chain, it is an asian supermarket that is the size of any other normal supermarket. Every time I go in there I can’t resist choosing something at random that I have no idea what it is! Sometimes this turns out well, other times its not so good and by not so good I mean you run to the sink to spit out whatever it is and then drink a litre of water hoping that this taste will leave your mouth quickly. This time I came back with these strange little lotus seed candy things and I thought I would share with you my findings.

The bag was on sale for $1.18, so there really wasn’t much to loose in trying them.

What do they taste like? The outside is just crystallised sugar, they are firm but when you bite them they sort of crumble. The flavour is mild, a sort of sweet almost nutty taste and then the after taste is like the smell of pansies… if that makes any sense?! I probably wouldn’t buy them again, but they did pass the bin test!

Apparently lotus seeds contain antioxidants that are useful in slowing down the ageing process and reduce inflammation… there is something to think about!

lotus seed candy

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