the valentino twist hairstyle tutorial for medium to long hair

This hairstyle is best done on second day hair so that it isn’t too slippery. It can also be done on much much shorter hair, just substitute the braid for a headband.

1. Grab a small section of hair just behind the ear. You want to make sure you have the longest section of hair (if you have layers) so that you get an even braid.

2. Braid to the end and secure with a small elastic. Alternatively you have substitute one of those already braided hair headbands.

3. Secure the braid with hair pins behind your ear on the other side.

4. Take the hair in front of the braid and section it into 2 parts. Twist these two parts together and then add some more hair and twist again.

5. While you hold the twisted hair securely with one hand, use your other hand to loosen the hair around your face.

6. Continue twisting the hair back and all the way to the end. You want to make this twist as tight as your can. You can use as many hair pins as you need to make sure it is secure.

7. Let the twist fold back on itself and then pin securely in place.

8. Repeat on the other side.

9. Pull to losen the hair around your face until it is styled in a way the works for you. (this is the closest I have come to having a centre part since I was like 8!)

10. If you have longer hair you will probably want to double your twists up and pin in place. And your done.

the valentino twist hairstyle

the valentino twist hairstyle

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