cocktail party invitation DIY

Need a little inspiration for any glitzy parties? These invites are easy, inexpensive and look oh so glamorous!

What You Need:

  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter Paper
  • Mini Craft Gems

When I say inexpensive, I mean it… I found all the supplies for these at Dollarama! If your ever on the hunt for craft supplies I always recomend checking out your local dollar store as you never know what you might find there (and pay sooo much less than at some fancy pants craft store!).

cocktail party invitation DIY

cocktail party invitation DIY

1. First you need to cut the lengths of ribbon for your bow. I used 4cm, 3cm and 1.5cm lengths (you can of course adjust these to get the exact size you would like).

2. Put a spot of glue in the centre of your ribbon piece – to find the centre I first folded the ribbon in half and have it a tight squeeze to mark the centre.

3. Fold the edges inwards making sure they stick into the glue (you will need to work quickly with this part)

4. Repeat steps one and 2 with the second piece of ribbon.

5. You should now have 2 pieces of ribbon that look like this – one smaller then the other.

6. Glue the smaller bow ontop of the larger one.

7. Wrap and glue the shortest piece of ribbon around the two others.

8. Finish the bow with a gem.

9. Glue your invitation text to the glitter paper across the top with a piece of ribbon. Mine are hand written since I don’t own a printer but its entirely up to you (I would recommend printing these out to save on tome, and a sore hand!)

10. Finish it off by attach the bow to the centre with another dot of hot glue.

Have fun with these and be pre-paired for glitter to get everywhere! (somehow it manages that even when it is pre glued to paper!)

cocktail party invitation DIY

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