Hair Tutorial: side swept double braid

Summer hair pretty much demands relaxed braids and loose curls, so here it is, both in one; the side swept double braid. A Dutch braid and a Dutch fishtail braid with some loose messy curls finished off by sweeping it all to the side over your shoulder.

Braids and curls, its summer hair through and through and this hairstyle tutorial makes it easy.

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This Double Braid Hair Tutorial is very easy and can even be done if you have long bangs, no bangs, long hair, medium hair, straight hair or wavy hair. Switch it up with different types of braids or finish it off with a bun or rope braid for a different look.

Hair Tutorial: side swept double braid


Section your hair to just behind the ear. Secure the rest of your hair out of the way with a hair tie or clip.


Dutch braid this first section of hair, stopping when you run out of hair to add. If you have bangs simply braid them in, you can fix the little spiky bits that jump out near the end so don’t worry to much about that.

Now take a moment the work your way up and down the braid loosening up the hair and pulling it out to create a fuller braid. You want to pull the hair from the outside and massage it a little as you gently pull to help give fullness to the braid.


Once you have pulled and loosened the whole braid you can continue braiding to the end of the hair. You can either secure it with a small elastic or spray with hairspray and gently backcomb to secure the ends.


Release the rest of your hair and then make the next section. About the same width as the first section and stopping at about the same point just below the ear. Secure the rest of your hair out of the way.


Dutch Fishtail braid this section of hair, or you can simply do another dutch braid. As soon as you are a few centimetres down the braid pause and pull out the side of the braid. If you braid the whole braid and then come back to fatten and pull it out it is far more difficult that pausing regularly to do it.


Once you reach the point of having no more hair to add pause and work your way up and down the braid pulling at the hair along the side to fatten the braid. You get the best results if you work carefully and gently moving up and down until you reach the result you like.


Release the rest of your hair and curl it. You could of course leave it however your hair naturally falls.

I used a 1″ curling wand and curled random sections of hair in different directions to get very undone curls.


Grab a small section of hair from low behind the ear. Pull this across and secure it with a small elastic to the two braids on the other side of your head. I like to make this section slightly longer so that it helps to keep the rest of my hair flowing to one side over my shoulder.

To finish off the hairstyle add a light spray of hair spray. If you have bangs and these are causing pieces of hair to stick out of your braid simply spritz the offending pieces with some strong hold hair spray and then secure them carefully where they should be sitting with a small bobby pin.

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