the best lip balms for really dry and chapped lips

My poor lips really cop it, between the cold whilst snowboarding and the wind and salty water when out diving they really don’t stand a chance on their own. I’m in a constant battle against dry cracked lips, and its not a fun one. The 6 lip balms above are what I currently have around the house. A little diy I like to add sometimes is mixing together a little olive oil and sugar to use as a lip scrub, it works wonders.

#1 Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment


This stuff is AMAZING. I’m down to the last drops of this liquid gold and the idea of running out is starting to worry me. It will fix just about anything. Sadly I haven’t seen it for sale in any Canadian stores yet, but you can buy it on amazon and


The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment


I have only just discovered this little gem, but already I’m in love. It’s soothing and hydrating and lasts hours. I put this on as soon as I wake up and just before I fall asleep. I don’t use it as much during the day just because its quite heavy and a little sticky. Unless of course I’m out on the boat diving all day, then its an absolute life saver.


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1


Another highly moisturising lip balm thats great for those days where your lips need a little extra care. Plus it comes with some really delicious scents, like pear.


EOS Lip Balm


I love the novelty of this lip balm, and there is something that is strangely addictive about it. I don’t think I have ever finish any product as quickly as I went through this. Its great for everyday wear but its not as moisturzing as some other products I have mentioned so If your lips really need saving then grab something else. Oh and it smells amazing!

#5 Nude Skin Care Nude Lips


I love how silky this balm is, it sinks into your lips and its not sticky at all. Great for everyday or to pop on before bed, but its not a high intensity moisturising balm.


Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm


For something cheap that can be picked up anywhere I think it does the job, but it doesn’t last long and I don’t enjoy the texture.

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