I have a daunting task ahead… organising my jewellery and accessories! This normally wouldn’t be that bad, I used to have a jewellery box on my dresser along with a few stands for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Pretty standard right? But now I have no dresser and VERY limited space which I also have to share with my partner (don’t get me wrong he is great to live with!). So its time to brainstorm and gather inspiration, here are a few lovely ideas.


Covered canvases are an easy and inexpensive idea.


Bottles for bracelet holders… you could even paint them for a bit of colour.

3.  A hidden organiser is my idea of perfect, especially if it is hidden behind a gorgeous photo!


If there are some special pieces to be displayed then these stands are perfect.


Frames with mesh in them is another easy DIY and looks great too.


This tea tray idea would perfectly complete a vintage inspired bedroom.


There is something about the symmetry and simplicity of the clip boards that grabs me.


This would work hanging on the wall or popped away in the closet.

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