Cadbury creme eggs

What I would like to know is how can they charge so much for such a disgusting lump of sugar? The standard price in Canada for a creme egg is $1.49. Its not even real chocolate! Ok well it kind of is, but not made with milk, not creamy chocolate! If you have eaten a creme egg this year and are wondering why it just doesn’t taste as good as you remember (or doesn’t taste good at all to be more accurate), it is because it’s not the same. Instead of a shell of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate it is now made with a shell of cocoa mix chocolate aka not really chocolate. I am also fairly sure that the inside creme is much sweeter and less runny in the US manufactured eggs, but maybe that part is just my memory playing tricks on me.

This years creme eggs are so bad that they actually give me an instant headache, and I’m someone who loves my candy and chocolate. A disappointment thats for sure but the perfect push to no longer be tempted by the shelves brimming with easter candy. Time to make my own.

cadbury creme egg tastes different... and it is!!!

There are plenty of Cadbury creme egg copy cat recipes, but I thought I would seek out some slightly healthier options to satisfy your easter Cadbury creme egg cravings. So I have pulled together some recipe options. I haven’t tried any of these yet myself but I plan to get around to it. Keep an eye on my


for updates on my quest for a delicious creme egg alternative.

9 healthy and copycat cadbury creme egg recipes


















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