how to make green tea matcha better for you

I’m sitting here sipping on my new and improved matcha drink and I’m loving it.

The other day

Kiss me Organic


very kindly sent me a pack of their

organic matcha powder


Now I’m no stranger to matcha, I love it, especially matcha lattes. What I didn’t know was contained in the report that was sent along with my matcha powder…

on average, of all the fantastic antioxidants in green tea under 20% is all that is absorbed by your body. But don’t give up on your green tea health boost just yet, the same study also revealed that what you put with your green tea matters, and can boost your absorption by up to 90%.

how to get more from your matcha

So whats the best thing to add? Citrus… and thats any citrus that you might have around, I personally like to add lemon. Adding milk also helps, soy milk is better and rice milk is the best option for your matcha latte.

add lemon to your matcha for better health benefits

Now I’m no scientist or nutritionist, so if you want to know more go ahead and google it, there are plenty of great articles around that explain it all in much better detail than I can. What I can tell you is how I like to drink my matcha…

I prepare my matcha drink in a mason jar, not because its “cool” but because it’s convenient, and you will understand exactly what I mean if you make this drink yourself. I add about a teaspoon of matcha powder, the juice from 1/4 of a lemon and a good squeeze of honey, then fill the jar half way with boiling water and top it up with cold water. Pop the lid on and shake, shake, shake. Then I like to keep the lid handy as I drink, because you will notice that you get a “muddy” layer of matcha at the bottom, so all you have to do is give it another shake and then keep drinking.

I also love adding it to my smoothies, so keep an eye out for my matcha smoothie recipes over the next week.

If you work out consider drinking your matcha within 1/2 an hour before you start your workout, it can help with muscle tone, energy and shedding fat.

Do you drink matcha? or add it to anything on a regular basis? I would love to know.

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