Exploring Vancouver

Granville public market and T&T supermarket are now my favourite places to shop… so far! I am sure there are many places I haven’t discovered (any suggestions?) for now these two are keeping me happy! We decided that Thai style deep fried crab sounded like a pretty good option for dinner. Vegans and vegetarians should probably just stop reading right now. We had all intentions of taking a live crab home, we picked out a tasty looking one from the tank, popped him in a basket and handed it over the counter! But then we decided we didn’t want to do the killing part… so our poor little crab was sentenced to being chopped in half! probably better this way, if we had taken him home alive I am sure he would of ended up in the bathtub with some silly name and us wondering what to feed him! Anyway after all that we had a very tasty dinner and there is no pet crab in our bathtub… yet!

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