Favourite Finds 20

1. I came across this photo whilst I was speed scrolling through pinterest and it just struck me. The hair, the make-up and the model are all so interesting. The


is by Jeannine Tan, you can check out her

flickr here


2. I have no idea how I haven’t come across

Keiko’s blog

until now?!?! The photos are gorgeous, not to mention Keiko is stunning and to top it all of she has the most amazing style. So pretty much what I’m saying is you should go

check it out

because I’m in love with this blog.

3. Its been grey and wintery, don’t get me wrong I like winter but I would like winter even more if I had some

fluffy ear muffs like these


4. All this cold weather means lots of hot drinks. My gosh there are so many variations of hot chocolates out there its just amazing. But nothing makes a hot drink better than by topping it with cream, yum.

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