Rose Gin Fizz

A couple of years ago Simon introduced me to what a good Gin & Tonic should taste like, since then I have fallen in love with this simple drink. It immediately makes me think of hot summer afternoons spent lazing around, and just enjoying the moment. Since I discovered my love for gin I have […]

Ginger Gin Fizz

Nothing screams summer like a gin and tonic so lets enjoy the weekend with one. Although this time things got shaken up with this wonderful ginger gin fizz recipe I found over at Petite Panini. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and happy mothers day to all you mummies out there.

The Green Breakfast Smoothie

This makes a great quick breakfast and is super healthy too… although it still tastes super yummy. Add chopped magoes, spinach, palm sugar and coconut water to a blender and blench for a couple of minutes. If you like your smoothies a little thicker you can add some ice too.

Autumn Comet

This cocktail has been the favourite all week… no seriously we are almost through the whole bottle of Dissaronno! Also this week I learnt about different types of cinnamon – thanks to my man coming home with something that resembled large chunks of tree barks!  Yes yes I know that cinnamon IS tree bark… but […]

Rosemary & Pear Autumn Cocktail

The seasons are changing and so your drinks should be too! I think this drink celebrates early fall perfectly, refreshing and cool yet with those comforting flavours that bring in the cold weather. Mixing is simple but choosing the ingredients is not! If you can find it and feel like splurging then use Hangar One […]