Pumpkin Pie Granola

I’m pretty much addicted to this granola… this is the second batch and its already half gone! Its hard enough not eating it all straight out of the oven. For breakfast add some yogurt and milk and its yum. I have also been adding a spoonful of extra apple sauce on top of the yogurt […]

The Green Breakfast Smoothie

This makes a great quick breakfast and is super healthy too… although it still tastes super yummy. Add chopped magoes, spinach, palm sugar and coconut water to a blender and blench for a couple of minutes. If you like your smoothies a little thicker you can add some ice too.

Valentines Day French Toast

Valentines day is getting close and I just couldn’t resist making a breakfast that your can surprise someone special with. I love french toast or eggy bread as simon calls it, but I think I will stick to calling it french toast. Anyway no matter what you want to call it, it is tasty goodness […]

Oatmeal for Breakfast

Tired of plain oatmeal as your go to winter breakfast? Yeah I was too but then I discovered you can flavour your oatmeal with pretty much anything you can think of! Here are a few I have been enjoying lately, it is a quick and healthy breakfast and each recipe serves 2.

Eggnog French Toast

Most my breakfasts have been at least a little festive this month but this one has been a favourite for three very good reasons… its is super tasty, really easy and very quick! What more could you ask for? Ingredients •  2/3 cup eggnog •  2 eggs •  4 slices white bread – the thicker […]