Hiking Joffre Lakes

Hiking shoes are overrated stop telling me I need a pair! What’s more enticing than turquoise lakes, epic mountain views and the opportunity to burn some extra calories?!  No much… except maybe the perfect spa day? Joffre Lakes has been on my to-do list for a while now, I’ve been to the lower lake but […]

Grey Days & Wooded Trails

Heading out rain, shine or cloud is always a good idea and sometimes I need a reminder of this. Its so easy to stare out the window, take one look at the solid grey cloud coverage and decide that staying on the lounge with a big bowl of popcorn is a far better idea. But […]

Dog Mountain Trail

So it barely snows all winter, along comes spring we get a few weeks of gorgeous sunshine and beautifully warm weather and then its snows! SNOWS! And thats not just a light dusting… I have never done the Dog Mountain trail before and we thought it would be a nice easy hike. Simon did mention […]

Lighthouse Park Hike

It feels like spring is in the air now, perfect weather to be getting out and exploring beautiful British Columbia. This time we headed to Lighthouse Park . Of course, it wouldn’t be one of our adventures if there wasn’t a little bit of silliness!  We had way too much fun jumping in silly poses […]

Quarry Rock Hike

It’s about time we headed out on a leisurely sunday walk. The weather today was a balmy 11 and Simon’s broken shoulder is healing well, so pretty much perfect conditions to get some fresh outdoor air. We headed to the Quarry Rock Hike in Deep Cove ( the full trail details are here, for anyone interested […]

Vancouver Hikes: Admiralty Point

Have I mentioned that I love having the car back? Well I do, because it means we get to go places on our day off. Today we stayed close to home and went for a nice little walk along the Admiralty Point trail in the port moody area. Everything is so green at the moment, […]