One The Menu //3

I think asparagus, brussels sprouts & grapes were the key players in this weeks meals… mainly because thats what was leftover in the fridge. But for anyone that says they don’t like brussels sprouts, man you are missing out! I never recall eating them growing up (I guess my mum just never cooked them) but […]

Feeling the Christmas Spirit

So excited that its December but also, holy crap how is it December already!?! So off to pick out a christmas tree, which ended up being trickier than we though. Because of course it had to be the most perfect magical tree ever. The farm is adorable, with a crackling fire you can sit around, […]

On the Menu //2

I told you I was on a bit of a roll with scrambled eggs. Well this week we had another version. This time I added different coloured peppers and had some maple pork links on the side, rather tasty if I might say so myself. With the cold weather here its time for mulled wine. […]

A little Shopping

I’v been very naughty, I bought not one, but THREE pairs of shoes! I deserve a spank on the wrist for that. But I have a great argument as to why I NEED each pair. I mean come on its not like I went out and bought 3 pairs of party shoes with no where […]

BoligDrøm feature

It was such a lovely surprise to find a parcel in the letterbox all the way from Norway! Inside was a copy of BoligDrom magazine, but not just any copy… a copy that features one of my christmas DIYs ( this one here ). How exciting is that?! So a big hello to any Norwegian […]

Tested Recipes //1

Since I tend to try out quite a few recipes from around the web and books, I thought it might to be fun to share whats been cooking at my place over the week. I have been working my way through the Williams Sanoma Breakfast Comforts book at quite a rapid rate and enjoying it. […]

First Snow

Over the last few weeks I have been watching the snow accumulate on the mountains around Vancouver, and all I want to do is be able to touch it. While most are wishing for a tropical holiday right now I am the crazy one counting down the days until the snow is falling outside my […]

Apple Picking

This is the second year in a row we have gone apple picking at Willow View Farms, I think that makes it a tradition now, right? The place is just so cute which makes the 40 min drive so worth it, actually we drive further than that on a day off just for the sake […]

Othello Tunnels, Hope BC

We have a bit of a habit of waking up late on our day off together and then deciding on some random place to drive to, this time that place was Hope. Its about an hour and 20 minutes drive away for us and a rather pretty drive too, especially as all the leaves are […]

White Rock

I love a little outing on days off, I don’t mind what it is just as long as I get out of the house and my local area. On this day the rain was coming down so heavy in the morning, it really did look like it would be one long rainy day in the […]