International Summer Night Market

Finally the sun is staying up longer, and we find ourselves dreaming of barbecued food and plenty of beer. Since we don’t actually have a barbecue we headed to the International Summer Night Market in Richmond to satisfy our foodie cravings. I love the vibe of markets. All the smells wafting through the air, people […]

Inspired style: Light As Air

Remember this post about not feeling creative or motivated in the mornings? Well here is my next attempt, makeup inspired by the Light as air Elle Canada shoot. But even with the extra motivation it was still a bad hair day, they happen to the best of us!

Save your Lips

My poor lips really cop it, between the cold whilst snowboarding and the wind and salty water when out diving they really don’t stand a chance on their own. I’m in a constant battle against dry cracked lips, and its not a fun one. The 6 lip balms above are what I currently have around […]

Yaletown Shopping

Its a magical moments when you stumble upon something great, especially when its been under your nose the whole time! Simon and I were wondering around Yaletown, popping in and out of stores and wondering where we should grab a coffee from when we stumbled upon Global Atomic Designs . To be honest I would […]

Home Again – Weekend Wonderings

Scarf: Jo Fresh, Dress: DKNY, Coat: Diesel, Tights: Jo Fresh, Boots: Style&Co, Bag: Kate Spade After 6 weeks away, Im now a fully qualified commercial scuba diver… let the job hunt begin (don’t worry this blog will still be my little baby, its not going anywhere). As fun (and difficult) as the course was, I have […]

Away from home but not on Holiday!

MIA again! I have 2 more weeks of living away from home… without my computer! Who would of thought it would be the toughest part of not being at home, well other than not having cuddles from my boyfriend and the cat! Oh yeah, I also really miss my kitchen, the weekends that I get to […]

New Year New Career

Sorry to be MIA this last week, the first month of the year is flying by and I feel like I have hardly given this space of mine any attention. But not without good reason of course. The last week I have mostly been either travelling or under the water! Since water and computers don’t […]

Favourite Photos of 2013

I thought it would be tough to pick just a few photos that were my favourite from the past year, but I actually found quite difficult to find just a few that were worthy of the title ‘Favourite Photos’. So I think that means I should try a lot harder this year to take better […]

How to get Organised for 2014

The new year is almost upon us and everyone is setting their new years resolutions, Do you have yours? I actually haven’t set any for this year, or at least none of the typical ‘I’m going to lose weight’ or ‘I’ll eat healthier’ etc. But I am going to set myself up for an organised […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Nausicaa helped me draw a little greeting. Yep all those bumps in the lines are her contribution… but she is just so cute you can’t kick her off your lap. Hopefully your enjoying some tasty food and a good glass of something to drink.