VFW// Calotype

Kristie Metcalf’s first runaway outside of Seattle definitely rolled out the style with the big players of VFW. The delightfully ready to wear pieces from the runway collection spoke of a northwestern season transition from fall to spring.

VFW// Wellgroomed

Flowing gowns, embellished with with intricate detail took centre stage at Wellgroomed . The Vancouver based designer brings Indian influence to his opulent wedding gown designs, which were complimented by perfectly done up-do’s and dazzling jewelery

Yaletown Wanderings

It seems like it has been forever since Simon and I had a day off together, so it was extra special to spend St. Patricks day wondering around Yaletown with him. We checked out the engine thats sitting in the (very cool) roundhouse building. Seriously, look at that grin on Simon’s face. I worry that […]

St. Patricks Day Outfit

Earrings: Chanel Vintage | Sweater: Acne | Bag: See by Chloe | Skirt: Adele Fado | Shoes: Asos

St. Patricks Day Mood Board

I feel like I have missed every holiday so far this year! Its really not fair, I had so much planned. Anyway now that I’m home I’m not going to let another holiday slip by me. So lets have an awesome St. Patricks day and then let the easter prep begin 😀 Here is a […]

One The Menu //3

I think asparagus, brussels sprouts & grapes were the key players in this weeks meals… mainly because thats what was leftover in the fridge. But for anyone that says they don’t like brussels sprouts, man you are missing out! I never recall eating them growing up (I guess my mum just never cooked them) but […]

Packed Lunch : Autumn Baguette

Buying lunch everyday adds up very quickly so its not something I have ever done and now I have converted my other half to taking a packed lunch too. I used to be super stingy when it came to packed lunch… a salad sandwich or ham and cheese, but eventually you get bored of that […]

Pumpkin Pie Granola

I’m pretty much addicted to this granola… this is the second batch and its already half gone! Its hard enough not eating it all straight out of the oven. For breakfast add some yogurt and milk and its yum. I have also been adding a spoonful of extra apple sauce on top of the yogurt […]

Trying new things: Onion Ring Chips

Ok these were not my favourite, although I was feeling hungry so the packet got gobbled up anyway but I won’t be buying them again. They were just soooo artificial tasting. Oh well back to the chips isle to try some more!

try something new : shrimp chips

I shouldn’t be allowed into the supermarket when I’m hungry! Seriously I bought these on impulse and almost finished the packet on the walk home! They are taaasty… ok so maybe I was just super hungry, but they are good. Not heavily flavoured and they have that light crispiness that then stick to your tongue […]