Workout Hairstyle : Dutch Braid Topknot

WORKOUT HAIRSTYLE TUTORIAL DUTCH BRAID TOPNKOT This easy workout hairstyle is perfect for any workout. The best part is that if you have bangs you can braid them out of your face. Because we all know nothing feels worse than having hair sticking to your sweaty face! You could easily switch thing up with this […]

Faux-Hawk Hairstyle

A new take on a faux-hawk hairstyle to add some edge to your business attire!

Hairstyle #112

It might seem a little tricky to work out whats going on with my hair here, but I can tell you that… I have absolutely no idea either… Hair sectioned from the crown of the head and then braided forms the base for this updo. My hair is then twisted and tucked into the braid […]

Easy & Elegant Hairstyle : Fishtail Braid Chignon

“Hair is as much an accessory as a bracelet or scarf.” Some times (ok most times) I wish that I had a never ending wardrobe so that I never had to wear the same thing twice, but this isn’t the case yet… at least I have on thing that I never have to wear the same, my […]

Hairstyle #110 : Topsy Tail Fishtail

The perfect beach Hairstyle is one that looks a little windswept before you even leave the house. The weather is warmer, the sun is shining and that means lots of long walks and trips to the beach. It also means perfectly undone hair… tousled beach waves, messy top knots and of course lots go big pulled […]

Seeing Double Braid

1. Twist your hair to the side you want your braid on, adding bobby pins as necessary. This step is optional but I love how it looks and it adds a little something extra to the finished hairstyle. 2. Holding your twisted hair with one hand use your other hand to separate a small section […]

Side Swept Lacebraid Hair tutorial

If curls are involved you know its going to be a good hair day! The hairstyle is simple but it feels special and it works for everything from laid back weekends to romantic dates. 1. Diagonally section of the top half of your hair and secure out of the way. 2. Section some hair from just […]

Heart Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Today I have a cute little heart braid hairstyle tutorial for you. It’s simple, easy and a fun outfit completer for all things Valentines day. 1. Section the top half of your hair, from about the tops of the ears. Secure this with a small clear elastic. 2. Make a small hole in the hair […]

Lace Rose half-up Hair Tutorial

This style is actually fairly simple but looks impressive and would be perfect for Valentines day, or any occasion really. You will find it easier if you have second day hair rather than freshly washed hair, as freshly washed hair can be quite slippery to work with. Another option is to just add some texturizing […]