Baléa Brightening Sheet Mask Review

I have been on quite a mission to review all the sheet masks I can find, searching for the perfect one. Baléa is sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart (hint: you can often find this brand on sale). This is the first non asian brand sheet mask I have tried and reviewed, so lets see how it compares…

This brightening mask promises

to moisturize you skin while brightening and treating dark spots.

The packaging.

These are sold in a box which contains 5 sheet masks each in their own foil packaging. The packaging is very… drugstore. Which is fine as it is a drugstore product but there is nothing fun or fancy about it and the packaging certainly wasn’t the reason I purchased This product.

Baléa Brightening Sheet Mask Review

The Sheet

is fairly standard, slightly on the thicker side and a medium size. I prefer it when the eye cutouts are actually removed rather than left hanging there as they are on this mask. The sheet itself is drenched in serum but there isn’t any excess in the package. The serum is a little sticky.

The Scent

is faint, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, strangely the first thing I thought of was some sort of natural insect repellant mixed with citrus. I love it when products have a lovely fragrance but I guess barely there fragrance is better than awful in your face scent.

Baléa Brightening Sheet Mask Review

The effects

: My skin is just recovering from a very bad breakout so I hoped this mask would help. I left it on for about 25 minutes (5 minutes more than suggested as I got distracted by researching the ingredient list of this mask). In the first 5 minutes there was some slight tingling on my skin, however I am guessing this was just in the spots where I had picked a little at my acne (Don’t worry about telling me off for that, I have already had a stern word with myself about picking at things!). The mask was starting to feel a lot drier when I got around to removing it and what (small) amount of the serum was left sunk into my skin within seconds, and left my skin feeling tacky for only a few minutes. My skin felt hydrated and refreshed after this mask which was really nice. Even though none of my spots had lightened the rough dry skin around them looked hydrated and more even. There wan’t any significant visual differences before and after applying this mask except that my skin felt refreshed and hydrated.

Would I buy it again?

Although I enjoyed using this mask I won’t be buying it again as there are other options that give better effects for a lower cost.

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