I love traveling, like really really love travelling! If it wasn’t for money I think I would be flying somewhere new every second week! Well my travel itch is being satisfied, in 2 days to be exact. I am heading off on a cruise to Alaska. I have cruised a couple of times before but only in the South Pacific so this will be completely different, plus I will be on a much smaller ship.

Since we only have 3 port day I thought I would do some research and have a rough plan in place, to be honest I normally like to wing it for the most part… you know just see where things end up. But this time I have a plan Even if it is just a rough one. And since I know it’s Alaska cruise season I thought I would share just in case you were looking for some inspiration for your Alaska cruise.

Seriously this is just a very rough guide so I guess I will let you know how much of it we followed next week.

what to do in a day in Juneau

what to do in a day in Skagway

what to do in a day in Ketchikan

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