The best Little Life Box review

This month marks my 12th

Little Life Box

, oh how time flies when you love something!

To mark this occasion I decided to look back and evaluate just how much I loved this Canadian subscription box, and also find out if it really is a good deal.

For those of you that don’t know,

Little Life Box

is a Canadian subscription box that is delivered to your door each month packed full of healthy and eco friendly products, they even offer a vegan option. It costs $25 a month ($24 if you sign up for a year), you can check out all the details


The best Little Life Box review

Each month I calculated the total value of my box (not all boxes are the same, so each persons value may differ) and here is what I’ve ended up with:

February value: $36.09
March value: $76.40
April value: $23.53
May value: $34.80
June value: $33.70
July value: $48.17
August value: $25.61
September value: $26.50
October value: $42.93
November value: $35.80
December value: $45.80
January value: $29

Over a year I ended up with an average value of $38.19
You can take a look at my

little life box reviews here

, a couple of my favourites were




Now the real question… did I love the contents of the boxes?! YES, there was probably only 4 products over the entire year that I will never use, and never more than one product per box that I didn’t enjoy, to me thats pretty good value… although the best part is getting a beautifully wrapped parcel of surprises delivered every month, because who doesn’t love parcels in the mail… even my cat agrees!
Have you tried little life box? I’d love to know what you think of it.

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