Le Marché St. George

June 18, 2017


Sunday morning,
rain is falling

The weather forecast and the weather outside couldn’t agree, even with a steady drizzle going google insisted on telling me it was just cloudy. So the original plans got thrown out the window and we cheered ourselves up by heading to one of my favourite cafes, Le Marché St. George 

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Workout Hairstyle : Dutch Braid Topknot

May 27, 2017

workout hairstyle : dutch braid topknot



This easy workout hairstyle is perfect for any workout. The best part is that if you have bangs you can braid them out of your face. Because we all know nothing feels worse than having hair sticking to your sweaty face! You could easily switch thing up with this style by doing a french braid instead. Continue Reading


Country Walks and Long Weekends

November 12, 2016
country walk outfit - Pitt Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Let the long weekend begin…

Long weekends are like a bonus round, a freebie, that day to catch up on all the things you thought you would get done in the week. Or in todays case a day to put the to-do list aside and just hang out and go with the flow.

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Cobalt Blue

June 22, 2016
work outfit : high waisted Trina Turk cobalt blue and black pants | By the ocean in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC | Design Every Day

Bright Office Blues

Wide leg pants? YES PLEASE! I don’t know what it is about them but they instantly attract my attention, and if they fit then I simple HAVE to have them, and sometimes even if they don’t fit, like this pair which had to take a trip to the tailor.

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Simple Office Style

June 17, 2016
 Simple Office Style

Keeping office style simple and fun

I’m one of those few people who actually loves a good office outfit, but I also like to have some fun with my work clothes, balancing black basics with colourful prints guarantees to bring some cheer to any day.


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